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Our Mission is to improve the health of others, enhanc​e their quality of life and promote a sense of well-being.

Prices for Treatments

Massage Add-On's  $5.00

20 Minutes            $ 20.00

50 Minutes            $ 40.00

80 Minutes            $ 60.00

110 Minutes            $ 80.00

Chair Massage       $1 Per Minute


Exercise Counseling $50.00 Program Set up

Exercise Counseling $40.00 Program Review



We are currently not accepting 

New Clients

We do not bill insurance but do accept HSA and FSA spending accounts. our goal is to provide affordable serv​ices to everyone in the community

Course information

Add-on Services

Value added services can take your massage to the next level with no effort on your part other than you let your therapist know how to enhance your massage session.

We are currently offering:

  • Aromatherapy (Relaxation, Detoxification and Energizing) $5
  • Dry Brush Exfoliation $5
  • Hand and Foot Treatment $5
  • Paraffin Treatment $5
  • Complimentary Cupping and Kinesiology Taping

S​wedish Massage

A relaxing massage that integrates the use of traditional Swedish Massage techniques to relax muscles, reduce pain and improve lymphatic flow.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deeper massage integrating the use of trigger point, neuromuscular and myofascial therapies.

Russian Sports Massage

This form of traditional Russian massage is utilized for rehabilitation, overtraining and performance enhancement.

Sports Stretch Massage

This session is focused on passive and active stretching, range of motion, muscle energy techniques and self myofascial techniques.

Thai/Shiatsu Massage

These traditional forms of Japanese and Thai massage are used to balance energies, improve flexibility and relax muscles. This is performed clothed on the ground. This treatment is $10.00 more per hour.

Hotstone Massage

With the utilization of heated and cool basalt and marble stones the client is massaged to help decrease muscle tension, improve lymphatic flow and increase relaxation. This treatment is $10.00 more per hour.

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Utilizing light pressure the skull is held and traction to help improve posture, decrease headaches, and provide relief for a variety of other conditions.


Working the feet integrating the use of zone theory to help relax the body and feet.

Abhyanga Massage

This form of Indian hot oil friction massage is relaxing, hydrating and invigorating at the same time. This treatment is $10.00 more per hour.

On-Site Chair Massage

Having an event at work? Do you need a therapist to provide massage on a regular basis? We will travel to your location and provide massage.

Pregnancy Massage

If there's was ever a better time to get massage it's while you are making another human. This will help to ease those pregnancy aches and pains that come with pregnancy.

Exercise Counseling

Development of exercise plans to help improve personal fitness and activity.

Body Wraps

Body wraps are used to help hydrate, detoxify and relax the body. They include an exfoliation, application of Mud, Seaweed or Aromatherapy and are finished with a moisturizing lotion. They can be combined with a massage as well.  This treatment is $10.00 more per hour.


Exfoliations are used to help slough off superficial layers of skin. The exfoliants can help to detoxify or hydrate the skin.  This treatment is $10.00 more per hour.  

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