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Law changes will affect your the link below to keep yourself informed of WA state upcoming changes. 

WA DOH CEU Changes - Click Here to Stay Informed

Due to accepting small class sizes, additional fees will be added for travel to alternate locations for classes. This will be based on Milage and travel duration.

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Deep Tissue for the Neck and Shoulder (4 Hour Class) $100

The techniques reviewed in this course are to improve function from injury and muscular tension in the neck and shoulder.

Kinesiology Tape  ( 8 Hour Class) $240

 The techniques reviewed in this course are to teach the individual to confidently apply Kinesiology Tape, educate on the principles, rational and applications for taping.  The class will also introduce the concept of Nerve flossing and IASTM.

Migraine Treatment (4 Hour Class) $100

The techniques reviewed in this course are to improve function from injury and muscular tension in the neck that may lead to vascular and tension based migraine

Thoracic Outlet/Inlet Treatment (4 Hour Class) $100

TOS is not a single pathology. The impingement can occur in different areas and on different structures of the neck and shoulder. These impingements may be vascular or neurological in nature, potentially both. This course will teach the causes of TOS, orthopedic tests and treatment for TOS.

Whiplash Treatment (4 Hour Class) $100

Whiplash is a condition that is produced by damage to muscles, ligaments, discs and nerve tissue in the cervical area. This course teaches the symptoms, categories, contraindications, orthopedic assessment and treatment for Whiplash.

Self Myofascial Release (4 Hour Class) $130

Add a little variety to your clients homework with the joy of Foam Rolling. Not only will you learn the proper techniques, risks and benefits of treatment, we will teach you how to increase sales and the secrets of purchasing to increase your profit margins. Of course this will also benefit YOU...the person who needs it the most!

Assessment, Body Mechanics & Repatterining (4 Hour Class) $100

Shape up your assessment, delivery of your massage and how to fix postural distortion through basic remedial exercise that even an LMT can show a client. Bring your fun to this impactful blast of information.

Low Back Treatment (4 Hour Class) $100

Snow shoveling, lifting & exercise, these are just a few things that can have very negative effects on the low back when they are not performed correctly. This class will address how to work the low back specifically and teah the practitioner what causes pelvic imbalance that leads to injury.

Modern Cupping Therapy (8 - 12 Hour Class) $250 - $350

This course covers the History, Indications, Contraindication and practical applications of Modern Cupping Therapy. This course includes a Text and Cupping Set for you to keep and use on your client. The cost varies depending on class size and time it takes to cover material and provide proper training time. This course does not cover Fire Cupping for safety reasons.

Thai Massage (12 Hour Series Class) $300

Learn the ancient art of Thai Massage. This class will address the energy lines, indications, contraindications, business aspects and the proper form of massage in supine, prone and seated position. Come enjoy learning a beautiful dance between practitioner and client. This course includes a textbook.

Cranial Sacral Therapy (12 Hour Series Class) $300

Cranial Sacral therapy involves gentle manipulation of the structures of the cranial sacral system, which includes the cranium, face, spinal column and pelvis. You will learn history, indications, contraindications and basic hold positions.

Russian Sports Massage (12 Hour Series Class) $300

Russian sports massage has been used for many years to relieve athlete's pre and post training issues. This class will teach you the history, stroke groups, hand positions and proper implementation into a full body session. This modality will change the way you even perform your regular swedish style massage.

Spa Treatments (8 Hour Class) $225

In this class we will review the history of spa treatments, indications and contraindications and application of exfoliants and body wraps. The products will be provided but the students needs to bring their own linens for the class.

Stone Massage (8 Hour Class) $200

In this class we will cove the history of Stone Massage, indications and contraindications, application, sanitation and storage. Therapist needs to bring linens and massage oil.

Great for your family course

Not a Massage Therapist but want to take care of the little ones you love the most? This class is perfect for you. I will teach you some basics so you can help your little ones grow and develop at their best.

Infant Massage (2 Hours) $50

For new or not so new parents and grandparents wanting to learn how to massage their little ones, I can come to you so they are in their environment.

Keep Checking Back! We will be adding new classes on a regular basis!

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